Custom Control Solutions
St Charles, IL 60174  (630) 513-5920
Specializing in Motion Control and Machine Logic for Factory Automation.  Consulting and Integration Services since 2000. 

Custom Control Solutions provides design and software solutions for the builders and users of Factory Automation Systems.   Our customers include major OEMS and end users in a wide variety of industries, including Printing and Converting, Metalforming, and Packaging.  Services include hardware and software design, control panel fabrication, installation and startup of equipment, and training of engineers and technical support personnel.

Our core expertise is the application and integration of servo-motion control, particularly complex requirements such as multi-axis Electronic Line Shafting and applications requiring custom cam profile calculations.  We are also experts with IEC 61131 PLC and graphical user interface programming.  

With over 30 years experience in motion and machine control, our services range from consulting and software development to complete turnkey control systems.

Contact us for superior solutions to your motion and machine control requirements.

Printing and Converting - In line printing and finishing equipment.  Web tension control.  Registration.  High speed converting equipment - custom electronic cams.

Metalforming - Roll feeds for perforating and progressive die presses.  In die parts transfers.  Destackers.  Flying cutoffs.  Coil processing.
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